What I am, as a real estate broker, doing to help protect you from from COVID-19?…
Real Estate is a very “One on One” business, so the risk at this time is minimal as you consider buying &/or selling. I understand that I may represent your biggest risk.
To this end I have been working from home whenever possible, curtailing my participation in group events, limiting my exposure to crowds, and killing it on Amazon Prime. And…. constantly washing my hands. My skills have always included using calls / texts / emails / digital signatures. Technology provides additionally for video chats / conferencing / tours and better use of my website.
I do need your help to refrain from handshaking, after 40 years of sales, it is now driven by muscle memory.
Bottom line. It is business as usual for me, I am working hard for my clients. I am available to serve you during this time. But NEVER at you expense.