Street Smarts Take Care of Your Gutters

Gutters can help your home’s landscaping and siding, as well as prevent water from seeping in too close to its foundation. When the gutters begin to sag or become full of leaves and other debris, they can cause damage to the home’s soffit and fascia. To prevent either instance from happening, it’s important to maintain your gutters.

Clean the gutters: Regularly check the gutters to make sure they’re clean and free of any type of debris.

Secure the gutters: If you notice the gutters are sagging or loose, use a cordless drill and replace the gutter spikes with gutter screws.

Repair leaks: Take a garden hose and place it in the gutter. Turn it on, and check the joints and seams for leaks. For leaking joints, clean the area thoroughly and apply silicone caulk to seal it.

Fix downspouts: Make sure the downspouts are also free of debris and that the joints fit snugly.

Check water runoff: You want the water runoff to be as far away from the foundation as possible, so use splash blocks or downspout extensions if needed.

To ensure gutters work the best, examine them at least once a year. It’s best to check in the fall if you live in colder climates since clogged gutters can cause ice dams when the weather gets colder. Also, if your area has experienced a big storm, you may want to make sure everything is free of debris.

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